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My Favourite 5 for Self Care

Easy add-ons to make your week a little lighter.

Care for the self. It’s become so talked about in recent years you’d be forgiven for feeling like it’s another thing you forgot to do last week…

If you’re like me you probably already have copious amounts of books and magazines detailing the importance of taking time for yourself, how to be more kind to yourself (and others) and outlining all the very logical reasons to say no tasks creeping into your schedule.

By the end of 2021 I’d had enough. Enough of investing in the books, body scrubs, wellness planners and fitness gear designed to help me take more action towards the self-care goals I’d set myself. Yet week after week they’d be left unticked, or half done (so I couldn’t really tick them) leaving behind things like:

“Sunday: Cook meal prep for week….

Saturday: Take whole morning for exercise, writing and errands for me…

Daily: Take supplements, meditate for 2 mins, go to bed early and read  (a.k.a. do not fall asleep watching Netflix on iPad in bed) …

In truth, all good ideas but none were making me feel any better; certainly not ‘cared’ for.

So, I decided to take it back a notch and tame the tempo I’d set for myself. And (just like the feeling of being able to do your belt up a little tighter) it felt like lightness had come over me.

Here’s how I brought my self-care back to earth:

Drops of essential oils on my pillow at night

Benefit? Instant mindfulness as the smell engulfed my headspace and a delightful opening of the nasal passageway. Better breathing and sleep.

Luxury hand cream on the bedside table

Benefit? Finally, some of the most important (and relied-upon) parts of my body are getting a little love! Also, the tactile nature of this quick and easy ritual is another mindful moment before bed. My hands are smoother, softer and my nail beds are much healthier. At the moment I’m currently using the lavender version (ideal scent for sleep) but I’ve also loved Natio’s I Love Blood Orange Hand Cream.

One hot bath every week

Benefit? Admittedly this does take planning (kids in bed and dishes done) and it’s not for everyone (I heard some get bored???) but it truly is oh-so worth it. I use a few drops of essential oils and have a little bath caddy to hold my companions: an icy glass of water, my current book (or iPad if I don’t have the focus for reading) and a face washer. When the hot soak has done its work, I’m rising from that tub transcended. My muscles are relaxed, and my mind has let the to-do thoughts go down the drain with the bathwater. I also have the best sleep on these nights (usually a Sunday) and I’m finally using all the decadent bath products I’ve been given at birthdays and Christmas!

Stretch and Roll TV Time

The Benefit? Anyone who’s had a massage knows that the physical release of muscle tension can be euphoric – particularly in spots that are overused and under-appreciated (hamstrings, upper neck and back). Stretching is much the same. When done mindfully and safely we can improve our range of motion (hello toes!), help our muscles to move more effectively and release built-up tension (your neck will thank you).

I keep my yoga mat and roller in the lounge room for easy access to roll and stretch out regularly. Take a few pointers from The Mayo Clinic on how to stretch with good technique or follow one of my favourite yoga studios davidrobsonyoga for a breakdown of brilliant poses for deep release.

Green Smoothies

Simple and green. I get 3 mornings worth of green goodness as my on-the-go breakfast from this tried and tested recipe.

I place two handfuls of spinach, one or two bananas, some blueberries, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and a top up of almond milk and blend. That’s it.

I hope this sparks a little renewal for you to see possibilities to incorporate self-care into your already jam-packed days.

Remember Self-Care isn’t selfish…. it’s self-preservation.

Sending smiles,


Stephanie Hudson
Stephanie Hudson

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